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How It Started

Growing up in a Multicultural environment, I always had a curious mind in other cultures. I always wanted to know how their food was made, and where their unique clothes and interior items came from. This became the base for my passion for travelling, food and interior designing.

Seven years ago, I based myself in Dubai to enjoy the quality of life. Not only to enjoy, but it brought me closer to Asia as well as Europe, where it became more convenient to travel around the world. 


Tamo, Te Amo, Je t'aime

While travelling to different places, it became inevitable that I always wanted to share my travel experience by learning the other exotic dishes and bringing home unique items from those places. So, I decided to turn my hobby into my profession. That is where Tamo restaurant, bar and boutique were created. 

I wanted to design a place where people would be drawn to by their memories from where they have travelled or even just a new experience yet authentic. I envisioned a place where the environment you are eating in is as important as the food you are tasting: a place where food and conversation go hand in hand.

‘Be grateful, life is beautiful’


The Restaurant

Tamo is a restaurant  in the heart of Antwerp city with an open, Asian influenced cuisine. With it’s romantic colonial interior the restaurant became a favorite of many locals. Because of it’s vintage decor, the request for these authentic pieces grew bigger. And so Tamo boutique was born.

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